The History of the House

Storebro is a settlement in Vimmerby municipality in Kalmar county, which is located by Stångån. Storebro gästgiveri, or as it is called by the locals, the Yellow House. Gula Huset was built in 1692 and is probably the first house built in Storebro. The house was originally painted red and timbered in one plane. You could already see the house adorning the pond and looking out over the water alone. In 1791 it was built to two floors and sometime after that the house was repainted in its distinctive color yellow, earning the nickname "The Yellow House".

From the year 1998, Gula Huset has run an inn.
The current owner has run the inn since June 2016 and also has her residence upstairs.

Before that, the house had many uses, such as a thatch maker, a miller's residence, a health center, offices and apartments. At Storebro Damm, timber was hauled for many years and although it is not documented, it can be imagined that the Yellow House had a role in this work as well. Regardless of whether it has been owners, workers or guests, many have been able to enjoy it for centuries the harmony here in the Yellow House and the rustling of the hatches just next door. We hope you will pass the roads and get to take part in Gula Huset and become part of its history.