Things to Do


To Do During the Stay

In addition to the given visit to Astrid Lindgren's world in Vimmerby, as a guest at the inn, there are plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy in the local area. The towns of Vimmerby, Hultsfred and Mariannelund are all within easy reach, so there is something to suit everyone. Below we list our favourites.


Astrid Lindgrens World

A fabulous place for both young and old. Tip: Download the walking app "Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby"!
Distance: 12km (13min by car)

Astrid Lindgrens Näs

Visit Astrid's childhood home and see the great experience of the exhibition about her life and work.
Distance: 12km (13min by car)

Swim in the Storebro Dam

The inn is located next to the Storebro dam, at the municipal bathing area there is a jetty, changing room and barbecue area.
Distance: 300 m (3 minutes by foot)


Pay a visit to the real Bullerbyn.
Distance: 15 km (17 min by car)

Cycling Dressin from Hultsfred

Cycling dressage with the family on the Smalspåret in Småland between Hultsfred and Mållilla.
Distance: 16km (15min by car)

Filmbyn Småland

Step into the world of film in an exhibition in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren.
Distance: 24km (20min by car)

Canoeing in Stångån

Canoes can be rented at Kröngården and Smålandsbyn. Bring a tent and spend the night at one of the rest areas along the waterway.
Distance: 11km (11min by car)

Mariannelund's Caramel Cookery

Visit one of the oldest sugar bakeries in Sweden. In Mariannelund, confectionery is made in the same way as when it started in 1929.
Distance: 26km (22min by car)

Norra Kvill National Park

Fallen trees, moss-covered boulders and magical ponds give Norra Kvill the character of primeval forest. Sweden's oldest oak also stands here.
Distance: 33km (33min by car)

Hiking Trails

Hike on Brantestad's nature trail, Djursdalarunda, Norra Kvill, Nature trail Sme-Åsna or Sevedeleden.


The stone is about 5 meters high, 4 meters wide and 10 meters long. It is considered by researchers to be the earth's largest moving block that can be rocked. 
Distance: 24km (22min by car)

Skogens Honungscafé

Here you can find the taste of Småland's forests and is located in Flohult's old general store. Surrounded by forests, flowering flowerbeds and buzzing bees. Distance: 36km (32min by car).

Tobo Golf Course

Beautifully located at Storebro, one mile south of Vimmerby. The course, which is a alternating park and forest course, offers many fine holes, e.g. the 5th out towards Lake Gissen. Which is one of Sweden's most hole-in-one holes.
Distance: 3km (4min by car)

Virum Moose Park

Experience the moose up close by going on a guided safari into the park.
Distance: 30km (36min by car)

Visans Skepp

Built between 1978 - 1988 and consists of 20 stones with a height of 1.8m - 3.4m. Where 40 of the most beautiful Swedish songs from the 20th century are engraved.
Distance: 500m (2min walk)